Testimonials & Feedback

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

“Paras is exactly the kind of guy you need when you have a procedure to be done, unexpected or otherwise. He is calm, level headed and puts you at ease instantly. You know by his confidence that he really knows his subject material, that you’re in safe hands and that he’ll make it as easy as he can for you.

I had a double (left and right) inguinal hernia which came out of the blue and was a little unusual. Paras dealt with it quickly and efficiently, explaining everything, answering all my questions and dispatching my nerves with ruthless efficiency and that unique wry humour of his! His aftercare and attention to detail is superb.

He is utterly dependable, reliable and professional. You’re in good care with Paras Jethwa.”

David Kelly, Reigate


Hiatus Hernia

“I was referred to Mr Paras Jethwa, in March 2011, concerning a hiatus hernia.

At the initial meeting he made me feel at ease with his friendly manner and interest in my case. He listened carefully to my story, which was extremely lengthy and complicated. He then explained the operation I would need and what it would achieve. I felt very confident in his diagnosis and his abilities.

After the operation, he visited me and gave reassurance that all had gone well. I was provided with appropriate literature to help when I went home.

Another part of Mr Jethwa’s care was to be given his email address in case I needed to contact him with any problem. I took advantage of this on one occasion and received a prompt reply.

Overall, Paras Jethwa was kind, considerate, thoughtful, efficient, approachable and – obviously – an extremely good surgeon as I have had no problems following my hernia repair and fundoplication.”

Valerie Ward


Gastric Band

“At 22 years old i weighed 17 and a half stone and had a BMI of 41. I had battled with my weight throughout my childhood so decided to have a gastric band fitted by Paras Jethwa.

Paras was always very approachable, easy to talk to and seemed genuinely interest in my progress.

18 months later I have now lost over 4 stone which is 60% of my excess weight loss. I’m can now finally say that I’m starting to like myself again.

This year I took part in a 10k run and a triathlon – something I could never have imagined doing before my operation!”



Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair

“I had to have a laparoscopic hiatus hernia repair and fundoplication operation. I had lived for several years with constant acid problems, and was on no end of medication to control it. It became a way of life for me to be careful what I ate in case it upset my stomach. Before the operation I was absolutely petrified not of going under the knife but scared it would not work. At Spire Gatwick Park hospital they made me feel so relaxed and at ease, and Mr Paras Jethwa has turned my life around. Now I don’t take any medication and I can eat what I like. I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and anyone nervous about this operation – don’t be.”

Mrs I D Hogben, Lingfield, Surrey


Gallbladder Removal

“When you are searching for a surgeon to carry out a procedure there are many qualities you would like them to possess.

  • Experience in their field
  • Great skill
  • Accuracy
  • An eye for detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A great team around them
  • Kindness. Etc etc

3 years ago I suffered an attack of pancreatitis resulting in the necessity of having to have my gallbladder removed.

I had a month to research the surgeon I wanted to operate on me before committing to the procedure. I wasn’t disappointed with my choice!

From my first meeting with Mr. Paras Jethwa he extolled all of the qualities I was looking for…and more.

He took time and care, answering my numerous questions and carried out the procedure in a manner such that I have had no repercussions from the operation.

His aftercare was as thorough and kind as his pre-care, looking after my emotional state as well as my physical condition.

I could not recommend Mr. Paras Jethwa higher.”

Suzy O’Hara


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Patient

“I very much wish to praise the quality and friendliness of service provided by Mr Jethwa, all of the medical and ancillary staff operating at the Spire Gatwick Park Hospital. The procedure itself was totally painless as was my recovery, which I have to assume was due to the quality of the surgery performed. Within two days of surgery I found that I had no need to use any penicillin. Following this procedure my quality of life is greatly improved & I only wish that I had enquired about surgery some years ago.”

Mr P Beaney, West Sussex